Thursday, September 9, 2010

One to One Tuition or Tuition Centres?

Would it be more beneficial for your child to to a tuition centre or should you hire a private home tutor for your child? Before you decide, first ask what is your intention and aim of allowing tuition for your child? Is it because he/she is weak in the base on the subject matter or some other cause?

If it's first reason then a one-to-one private tuition is a better alternative where the tutor can allow for individualize attention to deal with the particular area of interest on the subject. A tuition center may not be capable to provide that level of of care to the child when there are a lot of other children in the course. Private tutors will be steering your child through the subject and your child can be encouraged to ask as many question as he/she wants.

Tuition centers instruct pupils in groups and there is no way the teacher can extend to every student within the same time frame in the same way as private home tution does irrespective of how good the advertisement sounds. Tuition teachers are split up to a bunch of pupils of assorted characteristics. This is decidedly not equal at least in terms of focus to a private home tutor who can give 100% of the time in the entire session.

So is the answer to send your child for private tuition? Not necessarily.

Private tutors provide quality tuition. To make up for their lack of numbers, the fees for private tutors are usually much more than sending your child to a tuition centre. Sometimes it could be up 10 times. Also, if your child is quiet and timid, engaging a private tutor wouldn't help much. By sending him/her to tuition centres, he/she can participate in discussions, Q & A sessions and also interact with other fellow students, building confidence and communication skills.

Private tuition or tuition centres? That depends on you.

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