Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Defines a Good Teacher?

Teachers are important and make a difference. Teachers with the highest qualifications are not automatically the "best" teachers in the classroom. So how do you know if a teacher is a good one? It's not easy to define, however, here's a list of qualities listed by parents, principals, educators and students.

A good teacher:
  • is supposed to be children's best friends.
  • must be a symbol of kindness and love.
  • must love their work and their students. This will make them motivated, energized, and creative.
  • should speak to their students like parents talk to their young children.
  • should encourage children to think, ask questions and also make them practice a lot.
  • know his/her students well and they are comfortable and at ease with him/her too.
  • is a good student first.
  • is a master of simplification and an enemy of simplism.
I believe that no teacher education program can actually teach you how to teach. If you are thinking about becoming a teacher, you should set high expectations for yourself, and demand excellence not only of yourself, but your students as well.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tuition Centre - Tips on Choosing One

Finding a good tuition centre or tutor is a tedious task for most parents, here are some guidelines to help:

1. Though there are many tuition centres in the market, many of them are actually operating illegally without a license/ approval from the ministry of education. Always check and call your local authorities to verify the license of a tuition centre.
2. The tuition centres and the tutors should be able to give professional assistance in completing goals, which the students find hard to resolve. 
3. Lessons are conducted in small class size so that teachers can optimize personalized attention for individual students.
4. There are some centres that focus on just a few subjects. If your child is weak in only a specific subject, it is best to send your child to a tuition centre which is famous for that subject.
5. Ensure the centre's classes and lessons are conducted by very experienced and qualified teachers who have taught in local school and college for many years. 
6. Avoid tuition centres with abusive teachers. At times, you hear students say their tutors / teachers would scold them for being stupid etc. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Study Tips for Examinations

What are the ways to prepare and study for exams?

1) When it adds up to bracing oneself for examinations they attempt to find as much data as conceivable concerning previous examinations, likely examination questions, and get subtle hints from instructors and lecturers. This method they can get in examinations informed what to anticipate.

2) By getting this decisive examination data, they will cognize what to concentrate on.Why would you waste time on material that will not be enquired on the examination? Analyse what gets on the examination to be more efficient, not what will not get on it. Do not be fearful to enquire questions when you are uncertain, but it's better that you study solo.

3) Study solo, but inquire questions when you are uncertain of something. I discovered that studying in groups or gathering with friends for organization of material is not something that study gurus execute. Don’t waste time, acquire the data you require and revise it again and again.”Get the data and revise it repeatedly, and don’t waste useful time.So let’s go all over what had better be practiced to study effectively.

So let’s review what you had better act to pick up how to effectively hit the books. Be bright on what is in all probability to be in the examination, concentrate on this data and do not waste time on material that you recognise will not be addressed in the examination and learn solo and channelise your intellect to the crucial data and recur as much as essential.

Friday, September 24, 2010

How to Make The Best Out of Online Learning

Whilst countless students and working adults who arrange to expand their study may benefit from the advantages of online tutoring, you will find many online students failed as they can't adapt with the online education system. Should you be thinking about obtaining your tuition online, don't be a part of the failure statistics. Here are 5 tips to aid you thrive in your online lessons:

1. Communicate With Your Tutors Often

In online lessons, you cannot depend on face-to-face communication to get your idea across. And there exists no tutor to watch after your back to assist you if you face any problem in your lessons. Thus, make sure you wholly consume the communication technologies like email, telephone perhaps even instant message to communicate frequently with your tutors and get you questions answered.

2. Learn How To Stay On Schedule

The most significant benefit of online learning is the lessons and assignments are in self-paced system, which you can easily arrange to fit into your own schedule. However the challenge is the flexibility may cause you to keep delaying your lessons for you have other crucial stuffs to focus on. You may not be capable to complete your lessons within your intended schedule or even give up the learn midpoint.

In order to guarantee the efficient process of your online lessons and complete the courses on time, you must learn how to stay on schedule. Of course, to stay on schedule, you must first plan your learning schedule and set your goal of the completion time. Don't let other stuffs to interrupt your education, adhere to what you have intended for. Just in case some paramount stuffs that cause you behind the schedule, you must try your most excellent for you to work it out so that you simply are back on schedule as soon as doable.

3. Print Out Your comments

Though you can read the online learning resources from computer screen, but it's better to arrange them offline into files so that you can evaluate them without having to dig through downloaded records or other course resources.

4. Communicate Effectively Your Online Classmates

In school, classmates are very important to assist and motivate each other with their studies. Since you and your online classmates are not gathering face-to-face, you will need to make sure you are staying in touch with your online classmates via email, chat or phone. This is especially paramount when working on group assignment. You along with your group members have to be adept to communicate effective to make sure the group assignments are complete accordingly and handed in on time.

5. Get yourself a A Mentor

If you are a person that frequently drop behind the schedule and evermore need somebody to remind you on the due date of a particular task. Then, you will need a guide to inspect after your back to warrant you smoothly move toward the completion of you lessons. The mentor can be your spouse, children, parent or your best friend. Let him/her understand your learning schedule and your goal to complete the online learn, call him/her to be your mentor to ensure you adhere to the study plan.


Not every online student will thrive in their lessons, you need to adapt to the online education environment and above helpful tips are able to guide you through.