Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Night Study Guide

What is the best way to train yourself for better night study sessions?Have you ever felt that you can't study or you are just too busy in day time and the best time to study is during the night? Read on for the night study guide below:

1. Arranging for a good cycle of exercising in the evening before you start studying. IIt will keep you awake and keep your blood pumping.
2. Relocate yourself to a different environment or place. Try studying somewhere other than your usual place. This keeps your brain fresh.
3. You can also drive to a nearby coffeeshop or library. To further discipline yourself, ask someone to drop you and only pick you up 3-4 hours later.
4. Sleep if you have to. Sleeping isn't a bad thing. If you feel guilty, try taking a nap before your night studies.
5. Schedule in your calendar what you have to do for the day and adhere to it. Therefore you won't be wasting too much time and energy in the afternoon that it affects your night study.
6. Take a 15 minutes break every one hour of studies.
7. Make sure there is sufficient lighting in your night study place.
8. And the final tip for night study, only take coffee when it is absolutely necessary.

I hope these tips will help you do better in your night study sessions.

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