Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Learn Smart

Whenever you prefer to grade full scores without suffering too much stress, then you should concentrate on learning smart. This method of learning is perfect for getting the best scores in the exam, and completing all the essential chapters of the course of study soon enough. There are some hints that will assist you to learn fast not hard.

Before starting your learning, be clear of what you need to achieve. Then start by participating in classroom sessions. Quite often lecturers discuss about the most important chapters in a course. By attenting these sessions, it will provide you with the advantage of coping up with your learning.

The success of this learning smart not hard idea will also require note taking. This will help in creating a reference which you can always fall back to refresh your memory. Notes taking is equally important to help you memorize and understand lessons better.

Avoid studying throughout the day. You ought to allocate some time for leisure activities or entertainment. Eat and sleep well and exercise regularly. This entirely will have a positive effect on your body and mind and indirectly assist you to focus better.

To learn smart not hard, you could also acquire the habit of saying out loud. This will improve memory ability because your ears will be listening the to the pronunciation of every word that you speak. You are able to learn either in the morning or at night. A perfect learning time had better be the times of day while you are able to focus truly well.

Bright pupils listen to lectures attentively. You can also learn extra by doing your own research online on the topic which is covered in your classrooms.

Follow the tips above and you will learn smart and not hard

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