Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tuition Centre - Tips on Choosing One

Finding a good tuition centre or tutor is a tedious task for most parents, here are some guidelines to help:

1. Though there are many tuition centres in the market, many of them are actually operating illegally without a license/ approval from the ministry of education. Always check and call your local authorities to verify the license of a tuition centre.
2. The tuition centres and the tutors should be able to give professional assistance in completing goals, which the students find hard to resolve. 
3. Lessons are conducted in small class size so that teachers can optimize personalized attention for individual students.
4. There are some centres that focus on just a few subjects. If your child is weak in only a specific subject, it is best to send your child to a tuition centre which is famous for that subject.
5. Ensure the centre's classes and lessons are conducted by very experienced and qualified teachers who have taught in local school and college for many years. 
6. Avoid tuition centres with abusive teachers. At times, you hear students say their tutors / teachers would scold them for being stupid etc. 

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